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How to define cost of a site
Starting a choice of the company-developer of your resource, you, for certain, have the certain budget. But for the beginning we recommend you to carry out small marketing research.

For development of the task which you will send potential developers, solve, for what the site is necessary to you. That is section the first: the purposes of creation of a site. It is necessary both for formation of personal motivation, and for simplification of work of the company-customer. Section of the second - the concept of design. In the given section you should define a conceptual kind of your site, namely: whether the trade mark, firm style is necessary, to define the color concept, the elements requiring accent. The third section – definition of functionality of a site. Here is better to make the paginal description, namely: on what page and as there will be an interaction to users, whether there will be a service and support. What program modules are necessary for you in work, whether the software will be integrated with a site? The fourth section about the further support and development of a site. Whether the advertising company will be spent, whether banners and registration in search systems are necessary, there will be how much often a updating? Who will support a site: your worker of office or the company of the developer? And, at last, section 5: testing and start of a site in a network. Here it is necessary to solve, you will use whose services of a hosting, whether registration of the domain is necessary, optimization of a site under various expansions and browsers is how much necessary.

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