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Development the Internet Shops of any level of complexity in Uzbekistan Cost

Huge experience of creation of systems of electronic commerce allows our company to render services on Development the Internet Shops of any level of complexity.

We offer creation of following kinds of electronic commerce: the Internet-shop, an electronic trading platform and the Internet-auction. The given systems it is supplemented in view of specificity of the commodity nomenclature and information processes of the concrete client.

Cost of creation of a product of electronic commerce, will be состовлять from 2 000 000 sum


That enters into cost?
  • Registration of a domain name.
    All work on the official registration of papers, connected c registration of the domain WWW.IMYA_DOMENA.UZ (or in zones .COM, .ORG, .NET, .RU) we shall make for you.
    The user's payment for the first year is included into the tariff plan.
  • the Hosting of the highest class.
    That your site existed in the Internet and had a direct domain name WWW.IMYA_DOMENA.UZ (or in zones .COM, .ORG, .NET, .RU) the provider who gives under it the disk space is necessary. We have an opportunity to organize realization of services of rent of physical servers on record-breaking low чхэх: 2 c.u. a month. The user's payment for the first year is included into the tariff plan.
  • Development of structure of a web-site.
    Development of structure of a corporate web-site, creation the original-breadboard model, imposition of the information. Cost of creation of a site includes imposition of 25 pages of the information. The site will already work on you in several days after registration of the order.
  • Installation of counters and systems of statistics.
    Owing to counters and rubricators you will know at any moment what quantity of people, from what cities and the countries has come on your site for the certain period of time. Unique systems of statistics will allow you to raise attendance of a site of the company without attraction of additional means for advertising in a network the Internet.
  • Registration in the largest search catalogues and rubricators: Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler, Mail, Aport.
    Professional registration will allow to increase attendance of your resource. By search of the goods and services users will find your company.
  • System of the removed administration
    the Site without the automated system of the removed administration graphically and technically nothing differs from thousand others. But sooner or later it will be necessary for you to update the information on it. The majority of the companies is spent with superfluous money for services of programmers. Now you do not need to hold in staff of the company of the programmer or the web-designer: the information from the prices in price-lists, up to a news line you can update independently - through the convenient web-interface without possession of special computer skills.
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